Our founder, Samantha Yudin, had been making peanut butter cups for family and friends for years to rave reviews and had an epiphany late one night after months of trying to come up with her "next big idea!"… why not sell these delicious treats?! Drawing inspiration from her work with food photography and food publications, here we are!

This new venture incorporates Samantha’s love of baking, peanut butter and cups (the drinking kind). She has collected glass cups for years and uses them in her fine art photography. Samantha, by the way, is a graduate of The School Of Visual Arts with a degree in photography. She creates one of a kind photograms in the darkroom using the glass as a vehicle to transport and refract light. (Check out samanthayudin.com-all prints available for purchase!)

It's always been all about the cups...cupeesh?

Samantha is now creating a variety of specialty peanut butter cups, and ingeniously calls her company Cupeesh. She particularly enjoys them paired with a great cup of coffee.